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September 5, 2008
Volume 9.1 


Welcome to the September ZB Newsletter!  This month's Snippets are interesting, educational and informative. 
Zosimos' home page announces that we ship worldwide.  We can and we do!  None of our packages have failed to reach our customers in these foreign locales:  Finland, Switzerland, South Africa, Korea, Romania, The Netherlands, Latvia, Greece, New Zealand, Australia, France, UK- Great Britain, Scotland, Spain, Japan, Germany, UK - Northern Ireland, Ireland, Mexico, China - Hong Kong, Israel, United Arab Emirates and Canada.
Zosimos occasionally receives inquiries related to the existence of Sodium Borate (Borax) in its creams.  The ingredients in cream include oil and water.  Oil and water do not mix together.  The agent that allows the oil and water to combine is called an "emulsifier." 
Zosimos Botanicals' Formulator does not want to use synthetic emulsifiers.  The all natural method to create an emulsion (cream) is combining Beeswax and Borax.  All other emulsifiers, such as Emulsifying Wax is "naturally derived."  Not natural. 
The Cosmetic Brush offerings have grown!  Zosimos added a Flat Crease and a Blending Fluff to its lineup.  Our Shower Gel samples are now more generous half-ounce Trial Sizes.  The  Zosimos 2009 Floral Calendar is now available to pre-Order.   Our third annual calendar featuring lush flowers as captured by Linda.  Come meet us in the Green Zone at Celebrate Gaithersburg on Sept. 21st from noon-5pm if you are local to the DC Metro area! 

September Special
Buy a Cosmetic Brush with your Order and receive 5% off your next Order placed in September.  Use Coupon Code SEPTBRUSH when placing your order to receive this discount. 

We really do ship Worldwide
Zosimos products across the globe

Formulator's Corner
Naturally derived vs. Natural emulsions explained

New Brushes
Flat Crease
Blending Fluff
Have a beautiful day, Linda of Zosimos Botanicals

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