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October 3, 2008
Volume 10.1 

Welcome to the October ZB Newsletter!  Fall has arrived, bringing with it the return to school, upcoming elections and of course, Halloween!   Here at the Zosimos studio, Fall has brought us Jessica, our new Resident Makeup Artist.  She is available for e-mail and phone consultations to help select personalized Zosimos Botanicals products to best suit your needs.   
More Exclusive Cosmetics
Zosimos keeps adding new colors and products to its exclusive makeup line.  We just LOVE making makeup!  This month we introduce Butternut Bronzer and Leaf Eye Shadow Mineral Powder
Moment With the Makeup Artist
A bronzer powder such as our Butternut Bronzer is designed to give you a “sunkissed” look.  There are several different ways to apply a bronzer, and several different uses.  I prefer to use a large Fan Brush to sweep the bronzer all over the face to warm up the complexion.  Using a large Fan Brush keeps the coverage light, so that the bronzer is not showing too strongly.  You can also use a large Powder Brush if you like to have a little bit more color.  Just be careful!  A little bronzer goes a long way and you don’t want to get caught looking Bronzerexic!

You can also use your bronzer as a blush, or under a blush.  This will just warm up your cheeks a bit more than a blush alone.  You’ll definitely want to use the Fan Brush for this application.  The powder brush will just be too much!

Lastly, and my favorite, is to use the bronzer as a contour color.  Imagine drawing a number three starting at your temple in your hairline.  Move to just under your cheekbone, stopping right before you hit the “apple” of your cheek.  Finish up by moving to just under your jawline, stopping just before you reach your chin.  Do this on both sides and you will have amplified your cheekbones while slimming your face and jawline!  To complete the look, apply a blush color to the apples of your cheeks.  To really kick this look into high gear use the Fan Brush again to sweep some Shimmer Dust onto the tops of your cheekbones above the blush for a highlighted effect!

All three of these methods will help you keep your skin looking just from the beach bronzed!  Enjoy your skin having a healthy color all year long without the harmful effects of the suns rays.

Already have beautifully warm colored skin?  Use our Cocoa Shimmer Dust with a blush or in the “Number 3” pattern I described above to show off your radiant tones.
The Mini's are Here
They used to be called Samples, but so many of the items in that category could be used not only as testers, but also in either an overnight or evening bag, that we felt a name change was in order.  You will notice fanciful new names like Ministicks and Miniglosses.  The Minidoses, Minimists, Minipinches, Minijars and Single Treatments offer the same opportunity to try our makeup as always!
Trial Sizes of the Cala Lily Clean Shampoo and Bath Gels now come in larger packaging - half ounce bottles.  Take them along when you visit family during the upcoming holiday season!     
Reformulated Foundation
Recently, the Mineral Foundation was reformulated to remove the Titanium Dioxide.  Why was this done?  To ensure we provide the safest most healthful makeup to you possible!   
The entire Zosimos line of exclusive cosmetics and skincare is ranked by the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep database (found at cosmeticdatabase.com) in the 0-2 range.  The 0-2 range is the safest, posing the smallest risk of harm to the user.  Zosimos' Formulator refuses to sell anything ranked over a 2.
So when the  EWG reclassified Titanium Dioxide as more hazardous than previously thought, it changed the ranking of Zosimos original Foundation formula to a 3.  Finding this unacceptable, our Formulator immediately recreated the same Foundation shades without Titanium Dioxide. 
All the shades of the new formula are being uploaded to Skin Deep and labels with the new ingredient list are now in the studio.  The original Foundation formula remains in the Skin Deep database clearly marked "Old Formulation" with a ranking of 3.  EWG changed the ranking overnight.  Back when the original formula was sold, it was ranked 2.  As a small company, Zosimos is able to react quickly when new ingredient safety data is issued!  
In the News 
The October 2008 issue of Scholastic Parent & Child touts our Shimmer Dust as being an all-natural item to stock in your makeup drawer!  Look for the large photo of the Zosimos Botanicals Cocoa Shimmer Dust on page 90.

October Special
Buy any SHADOW STICK and get a free Dual Sharpener.  Limit one (1) per Customer.  

More Makeup to Love
Zosimos adds bronzer and a new eye shadow
Moment with the Makeup Artist
Using a Bronzer Powder

Adorable Mini's
Formerly known as Samples.


Formulator's Corner
Why the Foundation was reformulated without Titanium Dioxide
National Magazine features our healthy cosmetics!


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