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Volume 3.10                                                            March 2010
March comes in like a lion...

We are very happy to be heading towards Springtime! 

The "Snowmaggedon" blizzard was very challenging.  At various times, the studio was snowed in, without telephone service, without electricity or  heat.  We appreciate your patience in waiting for us to be up and running again.

March brings us St. Patrick's Day the 17th and the Jewish Passover observance begins at sundown March 29th.  Best of all, Spring comes on March 20th!  Time to shed those heavy winter coats and lighten up.  Pick up those lighter spring colors and enjoy the warmer weather.

For those of you south of the equator, enjoy the coming of Fall.
New Product Announcements

Use Roll-on deodorant but prefer Unscented Roll-onunscented products?  The luck of the Irish brings us Unscented Roll-on Deodorant.  Available in both full and, of course, trial sizes
Camellia Eye Shadow
What is white and shimmery and looks good with everything?  Our new Camellia mineral eye shadow.  

Coming soon....another hair conditioner and a vanilla foaming face wash.

Meet our new Makeup Artist
Introducing  Victoria
This month we welcome a vivacious and talented Makeup Artist, Victoria, to the Zosimos Team. 

Victoria has three years experience in makeup technique and working with customers.  She has worked at both Sephora and Buy Wise Beauty Supply.

Victoria is available for telephone and e-mail consultations.  You can reach her at victoria@zosimosbotanicals.com.  

Social Responsibility Update
Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary provides a safe harbor to abused and neglected farm animals on several beautiful acres.  Run by a husband and wife team that live on the property in exchange for their love and veterinary care.  Zosimos Botanicals donates a prize basket to the annual Run For the Animals fund raiser.  The 2010 race is scheduled for May 23rd, see their site for details.

Minijar packaging news
The minijars with screw-on tops used for eye shadow, bronzer and shimmer dust minipinches were discontinued by the manufacturer.  Once the inventory was depleted, we had no choice but to start using the micro-vials.  Micro-vials are not ideal for loose powder.  The force needed to open the lid can cause the powder to spill. 

After over a year of searching, a new supplier for the minijars has been found!  We saw it as a good sign that the new jars only came in light purple, one of Zosimos Botanicals trademark colors.  The new jars are set to arrive shortly and will be used immediately upon arrival. 
Monthly Special

Celebrate the vernal equinox with our new Camellia eye shadow for only $12.00.  Its bright, shiny, and perfect for Spring!
No coupon necessary.
Offer Expires: March 31, 2010
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Blogger Praise
Catalog Updates
Haitian Relief Donation
In the Blogosphere

Zosimos Botanicals was recognized by Beauty in DC for helping to make the world a more beautiful place. 

Back in January, we mentioned that bloggers usually include a contest/giveaway with their reviews. 

After sampling our Mask Single Treatment Trio and finding that "the results were instant and outstanding!"  Heather of Cool Canucks sponsored a contest, currently open until May 22, 2010. 

Zosimos Catalog Updates

We've added so many new products since we created our catalog last year that we're busy creating an insert that highlights the new products and color charts.  Look for this to appear on the home page of our website in the coming weeks. 
Haitian Relief Donation

Did you know that you helped contribute to Haitian relief?  Zosimos is excited to report that we were able to donate a portion of our receipts to the fund.  We were able to give several hundred dollars to the fund, based on your generous purchases in the month of February 2010.  Thank you all so much!

Have a Beautiful Day!
Linda Stein,
Zosimos Botanicals LLC
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