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March 6, 2009
Volume 3.09

The essence of natural beauty
Welcome to the March issue of ZB News Snippets!  The days are growing longer and the weather gets a little warmer every day.  And Spring arrives on March 20th!  We're so excited about getting outside and back into the garden!
Eco-Consciousness Recognized
Have you seen the new Logo on our website home page?  GenGreen has awarded Zosimos a silver business Certification!  The Certification  gauges business's environmentally and socially conscious behavior based on the following criteria: environmental leadership, resource conservation, human capital, purchasing decisions and daily operations. 

Blogger Praises Bronzer  
On February 12th, Cailin Honeycutt, a/k/a The Beauty Bunny (www.thebeautybunny.com), blogged about Zosimos' Butternut Bronzer.  She praised the matte finish and was very complementary! 
Have you tried our Bronzer yet?   Spring is the perfect season to wear bronzer!  Get that amazing sun kissed glow, without the damaging rays that go along with it. 
Meet Our New Makeup Artist
  V is for Voluptuous this Valentines Day
We are thrilled to add a new makeup artist to our team.  Piper will be answering questions about color cosmetics and providing tips and advice in our monthly newsletter.  Also, look for Piper performing makeovers at special events in the DC Metro area.
For her first article, Piper explains how to use Zosimos Botanicals makeup to create a "canvas" upon which to build your makeup:
There are four different skin types: dry, oily, combination and normal. With dry, oily, and combination skin, a person's skin can be sensitive as well. For the purposes of this article, I'll be speaking about those with normal skin.
1.  Cleanse - In order to have flawless make-up application, begin with clean and healthy skin. Zosimos offers two excellent cleansing options, Lemon Facial Cleansing Cream and Lemon Facial Scrub. 
For best results, place a thumbnail sized amount on a complexion brush using circular motions. The cream is concentrated, so you can use it sparingly.  Avoid the eye area so the lemon doesn't irritate your eyes. Rinse under running water in shower or with wet washcloth. Pat dry.
2.  Toner - Next, apply Lavender Sage or Fresh Rose Toner to freshen and "rinse" the skin of any residual cleanser and or impurities.
3.  Moisturize - Now it's time to moisturize. The Daily Anti-Oxidant Cream is an excellent choice for all skin types.  Once you've finished these three steps, you can move on to prepping the skin for color application.
4.  Primer - Start with a Zosimos Primer in the color closest to your skin tone. Use the sponge provided with Primer to apply.  Primer isn't 100% necessary, but I'm an advocate because it "grabs" the make-up and helps it to stay put longer.  I strongly suggest Primer if you have challenges with the longevity of your foundation during the day. Even with even skintone, a Primer provides long-lasting coverage for events like a wedding, the prom, or long days at work, especially if it's hot outside or it involves having your picture taken.
5.  Concealer - Next, apply a Concealer in a patting motion with the ring fingers, in a color approximately one half shade to a full shade lighter than your skin tone.  I prefer applying concealer with clean fingers when it comes in stick form because it "warms up" the product and makes it easier to apply.  Buff/blend away any hard concealer lines with a blending brush, so there aren't any demarcation lines.
6.  Foundation - Apply your Foundation, being sure to choose one closest to your skin tone. Test the foundations correctness by applying it to your jaw line first in natural light, not on your hand! Foundation should match the skin on your neck/collar bone as closely as possible.  If the color blends in then it's the right shade.  If the color tends to sit on the face, and doesn't disappear into the skin, then it is the wrong shade! 
You may need to change your foundation color with the seasons.  This is not unusual.  Now, your "canvas" is ready for color cosmetics!
Would You Like to Join Our Team?
We've received many inquires about creating an Independent Sales Rep. program for Zosimos products.  We're pleased to announce we're ready to go! 
Earn money while sharing our healthful, fresh makeup with family and friends in your community.  For details, send an email to  sales_representative@zosimosbotanicals.com.    
Eco-Brushes Sold Separately
Several of the Bamboo handled brushes introduced as part of the Eco-friendly brush set can now be purchased individually.  If you don't need an entire new set, this is a great way to add a soft, Vegan brush or two to your collection.  The Bamboo singles include a Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Concealer Brush and Angled Eye Line r Brush.
Zosimos Printed Catalog Now Available
It's here!  The very first Zosimos Botanicals catalog has been printed.  As a green business, we were resistant to creating a written document.  However, after many customer requests we designed an eco-friendly catalog using post-consumer recycled paper and soy inks.  We will send a copy to everyone who requested a catalog in 2007-2009.    

 March Special 
From time to time, we mull over ways to improve our products and/or help us adhere to our mission to remain a green business.  And we'd like your input, too. 
Should Zosimos continue to use plastic packaging for our products or would you prefer we switch to glass packaging even if it slightly increased the cost of the products? 
Share your opinion!   E-mail your vote, which enters you into a drawing for a free embroidered Zosimos shirt.
Emails must be received by midnight EST on 3/31/09.
We will annouce the results of your votes and the winner's name in next month's newsletter.
New Certification
Bronzer Review 

Moment with the Makeup Artist
Introducing Piper, our newest team member.

Sales Rep Program
Spread the word about our healthy makeup!


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