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Volume 6.12                                                                 June 2012

Bouquets of June are now in bloom!  

Celebrate the beauty of America's favorite flower by stopping to smell the roses!  These beauties are the official flowers for the month of June.  You may wish to honor the healing qualities of this blossom by enveloping your skin in our rich English Rose Body ButterRejuvenate your face with our Fresh Rose Toner and beat the heat with a facial treat.  Try our Pink Rose Facial Mask & Activator! 


As you celebrate over Memorial Day Weekend (26th-28th), remember to honor military members who have passed. Support families left behind with helpful actions and kind words. Keep them safe in their personal care routines by offering them healthy alternatives to toxic body products. Show appreciation to those currently serving with a Support Our Troops Care Package.

Memorial Day Sale

On this day we remember those who fought for the red, white, and blue.


We enjoy many freedoms here, one of which is the right to know what's in our consumer products. Zosimos Botanicals joined forces with the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, to demand manufacturers utilize transparent practices in the labeling of personal care products.  We always disclose the full list of ingredients, so you know what goes on and eventually into your body.  Protect yourself and loved ones from chemical exposure - save 10% on your purchase Friday through Tuesday (25th-29th).  


Enter code SUMMER10 at checkout to apply the discount!

Summer Skin Care Tips
Our Makeup Artist, Erika, offers her advice to keep you safe this season.
Summer weather is here!  Time to show off some skin. Here are some tips to keep yours looking its best all season long.

*Drink plenty of water.  Keeping your body hydrated helps to keep your skin hydrated.


*Use proper sun protection.  This includes covering up when necessary and using the right strength sun screen.

*Use plenty of moisturizer. 

*During the summer months, avoid using products containing citrus ingredients and scents when you spend time in the sun.  Citrus, including grapefruit, lemon, and lime can cause your skin to be more sensitive to the suns rays, making you more susceptible to sunburn.


Keep these simple tips in mind to ensure healthy glowing skin all summer long!
Important Dates

Did you know that June 6th is National Gardening Exercise Day?  We encourage you to get outside and spend some quality time with Mother Nature.  Experts suggest warming up with a few stretches before beginning your garden workout.  Spend about 20 minutes alternating between activities such as weeding, digging, planting, mowing, pruning, and raking.  Each action helps to strengthen different muscle groups.  Some qualify as aerobic exercise!  Remember to stay hydrated with water and  protect your skin.  Aim for working prior to or after the hottest hours of the day: 11am-3pm.


Don't forget - Sunday the 17th is Father's Day!  Who says guys can't be green in their skin care routine?  Show that special man in your life some love with our What to Get a Guy Gift Bag.  All products are packaged in a rustic Jute cosmetic bag - perfect for travel!


Hurray!  June 20th is the official beginning of Summer.  Say hello to the Solstice by stocking up on warm weather essentials: Insect Deterrent, Cooling Sun Spray, and Setting Mist.


Beautician's Day is celebrated on June 26th.  Whether you frequent salons or simply ask for a friend's assistance, today's the day to show your thanks.  Treat those who pamper you to something special, such as a Gift Certificate, Basket, or one of our many Kits & Sets.

Beauty Trends

According to Vogue UK, "Whether winged, smudged, or blended, black liner is more relevant than ever for Spring & Summer 2012."  Lucky for you, our pencils are perfect for just that!




Makeup Artist and Natural Beauty Expert, Jessa Blades, recently curated for Goodebox - a members only service which mails trial-sized healthy, eco-sensitive, innovative & effective beauty and personal care products to your door each month. Our eye pencils, which are listed as "The Perfect Eyeliner" on Jessa's site, were included in the May Goodebox.

Monthly Special 


 Note your free product in the Comments box. Free product must be of equal or lesser value. Without a note, we will send a duplicate of the lower priced product. 

Minis, trial sizes, gift certificates, baskets, and clearance items excluded. No coupon necessary.

When shopping on the Zosimos Botanicals website, you can only use one promotional code at a time. The Monthly Special offer doesn't need a code, it can be used with any coupon.


 Offer Expires:  June 30, 2012
11:59pm EST

Have a beautiful day!
Linda and the Staff of Zosimos Botanicals

 Local Events 


Zosimos Botanicals has signed up to participate in the Washington, DC Green Festival\AE  September 29th & 30th.


This will be our first time vending at a major trade show!


The Green Festival\AE is a project of Green America and Global Exchange. 


Stay tuned for more information as these dates approach!

New Products


After customer feedback suggested our Autumn Cornhusk Foundation was too shimmery, we decided to alter the formula to create a second shade of bronzer.


Meet Acorn!



Acorn Bronzer recreates the sun kissed glow of a tan without the harmful effects of the sun's rays.  In comparison to Butternut, Acorn is lighter and has lustre. Suitable for all skin tones.

Coming Soon


Coral Lipstick


 Cream Shadow in:


 Larkspur Blue


Mauve Hilite

Environmental Contributions


Linda is becoming a Certified Master Gardener!


Master Gardeners are trained volunteers of the University of Maryland Extension, who are dedicated to helping the citizens of Montgomery County, Maryland. Their mission is to educate County residents about safe, effective, and sustainable horticultural practices that build healthy gardens, landscapes, and communities.



Sara is now a Certified Weed Warrior!


Non-native invasive plant species (NNIs) present one of the greatest threats to the health and biodiversity of our parklands.  In 1999, Montgomery Parks Forest Ecologist Carole Bergmann created the Weed Warrior program in response to the non-native invasive plant problem.  The goal of the program is to educate citizens about identification and management of NNIs.

Customer    Feedback  


Congratulations to Elaine W. of Atlanta, GA - winner of this month's Customer Feedback

token of appreciation.  She won $10 by telling us this:


 "Just wanted to say thank you and tell you how much I am enjoying looking good AND keeping yucky chemicals off my face!

I am a big fan of your mineral foundation, and the brow stabilizer is really good, too.  I have been using clear mascara on my brows for a long time...nice to finally find something that is better for me than that stuff!
I will say...if you ever wanted to change it up, having a wand to apply the stabilizer to brows would be really cool...but that may not work with your formula.  Just a thought.
Thank you again--you have a big fan here in Atlanta!"