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Happy 4th of July!
We wish you and your family a safe holiday weekend.
...but wait, there's more...

It's our birthday!
Zosimos Botanicals is 10 years old - can you believe it?
Here's to ten years of safe, healthy cosmetics proudly made in the U.S.A.  Thank you to everyone who has helped make this possible.  Go see our fun retrospective photos on FB.
Birthday Gift for You

Summer is a great time to sit outside with lit candles all around.  Even inside, soy is better than regular candles because it doesn't leave a black smudge of soot Soy Candles in Glass on the ceiling.


Since candles are heavy and shipping is expensive, all candles are 10% off and ship free until July 10th.  Offer expires  Thursday July 10, at 10 pm EDT. 


Use coupon HAPPY10TH for free shipping.  Candles are discounted already. Cannot be combined with any other coupon.  Free shipping for candles only.

New Product
Scoop up our latest set - The Summer Purse Pack.

This seasonal pack offers five Mini Lipglosses; Clear, Lilac, Fuchsia, Lilac Shimmer and Mulberry.

Easy to grab and go, this set features a range of shades that are hot this summer. Play with them all season long. Get creative and try wearing one or several glosses as an eye shadow. The effect is simply gorgeous. At $20, it costs less than buying the mini glosses separately.
Social Responsibility

Meet our new BFF - 4Wholeness.com

The team at 4Wholeness helps women deal with breast cancer in a unique way. They focus on how to "bridge the gap between mainstream medicine and holistic therapies." More than simply a shopping site, 4Wholeness.com has healthy recipes, articles and music for relaxation that all of us can benefit from.


Zosimos is happy to be in their online marketplace, where women to shop for safe, natural products.  Click the link at the top of this section to visit the main site, or here to head right over to shop for books, clothes, toxic free laundry products and other goodies.

Customer Feedback

Congratulations to Christina K. of Huskvarna, Sweden - winner of our Customer Feedback Token of Appreciation.


Christina shared some great feedback and suggestions with us:




I've sampled some of your products, and I really like them! :) The vanilla body powder is great -a lot of vanilla products smell too strong I think, but you've gotten the scent of it just right, and it works really well - and I really like the make-up, it lasts well throughout the day and feels good to wear, light and easy! Only thing I'm missing there is a vegan mascara..! :) The daycream and the argan oil blend are really nice too. [ omitted for length ] 


I've also got a question; it says that e.g. the pink rose mask is vegan, but that it contains buttermilk powder... I was just wondering then what buttermilk powder is (I couldn't find it in you ingredients list)?  Anyways, I think you run a fantastic company, I haven't been able to find any company with ingredient lists as pure as yours, and the overall quality is great! :)


Kind regards,



As a result of Christina's comments, the Pink Rose mask was immediately clarified as non-vegan due to the buttermilk powder.   Thank you for improving our site!

Monthly Special
Limited Edition Shadow
Walnut Eye Shadow Mineral Powder is a limited edition color. Walnut is a cool brown hue with gray undertones. It is midway between Branch and Natural Brown.

Product is available in a 10 gram jar; twice the size of a regular Eye Shadow for only $1 more! Minipinches are unavailable.

No coupon necessary, just place the Monthly Special in your cart. Available for Walnut only.

Offer good thru July
 31, 2014 11:59 p.m. EDT or while supplies last.


Have a beautiful day!  

Linda and the Zosimos Team

Clearance & Destash



 We are doing some late Spring cleaning in the studio, also known as de-stashing.


Check out our new Clearance & Destash section to see what we have. 


Get it while you can!

Safe Skincare


  Remember to be extra cautious when braving the summer sun. Even one bad sunburn may lead to future cell breakdown and disease.


Recommended healthy products in a wide range have been pre-screened for you in Healing Lifestyle & Spas' Safe Skincare Guide.


Super simple.



Need nontoxic sunscreen? Read expert advice by EcoPlum's expert  Chryso D'angelo.

Ingredient News



 Titanium dioxide is in the hot seat.


 There are worries that the powdered form of titanium dioxide is causes cancer.


Zosimos Botanicals does not add powdered Titanium Dioxide to any of its products.


More information on this issue can be found here.

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