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Volume 1.10                                                   January 2010
Happy New Year!

2010 begins a fresh new decade.  It hardly seems like ten years since we were all preparing for Y2K, and we're already into the "2Kteens."  Our resolution for the new year is another year of beauty without compromise.    

This month, we honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Monday the 18th.       
New Product Announcements

A fresh new Shampoo is ripe for the picking - Apple Orchard Shampoo!  Offered as a set with the Apple Orchard Conditioner.  One noteworthy difference between the Apple Orchard and Cala Lily Clean Shampoo recipes is that the Apple Orchard is made without Grapefruit Seed Extract or Vitamin E.  The absence of these ingredients makes Apple Orchard Shampoo an innovative alternative. 

We are so confident you'll adore the Apple Orchard hair products that we're offering a set of Trial sizes at a $1 introductory price! 
A Moment with the Makeup Artist

Customers often ask which Eye Liner Pencils go well with suggested shadows for each iris color.  The following are Eye Pencils which complement the Eye Shadows listed for:

Blue eyes - Bluebell, Bronze, Cobalt, Lilac and Teal

Green eyes -
Blackberry, Grape and Moss

Hazel eyes - Blackberry, Bronze, Evergreen, Grape, Moss, Teal, Tigerlily

Brown eyes - Blackberry, Bronze, Cobalt, Evergreen, Grape, Moss, Tigerlily

Dark Brown eyes - Bronze and Moss

Universally Suitable - Ash, Black Shimmer, Branch, Larkspur Blue, Natural Black, Natural Brown, Silver Shimmer and White Hilite

Customer Spotlight

The December spotlight shines on Erica A. of Valley Village, CA.

Q: What makes you happy? 

A.  Health, Love, Art, Family and Animals make me a very happy person! I love being outside in any and all weather. I love being at the beach in California or back home in Ohio where I get all the rain, thunderstorms and snow I could ever want. Also what makes me happy is finding products I can use throughout my life, knowing there are no harmful affects, such as Zosimos.

Q.  What are your favorite Zosimos products? 

A.  I absolutely love the Restorative Facial Moisturizer, not greasy at all and not super fragrant. The eye shadows are fabulous! There is a great variety of colors that are rich and lustrous, and goes on they eye very nice. The concealer is the real find! It is just he right consistency, not greasy, just right. They offer excellent skin tone colors and the concealer stays on all day, what more could you ask for! And all of the above are paraben free!! I have yet to try the lip makeup, body lotions and very eager to buy a soy candle!

Q. What do you like most about buying products from Zosimos?  

A.  The number one reason I love Zosimos is because all the products are safe, free of the harsh chemicals you find in mainstream products and shipments are quick, and they have great customer service. You can email questions/concerns and they are answered immediately. That is very important to me when buying from an online company. I think it is genius that they offer almost everything in a mini size so you can buy a sample first to see if you like it! Nothing is worse then ordering a product and you do not like it and have to go through the "return" process, so this is absolutely ideal. Lastly, I REALLY like the fact that now I can buy all my products from one company and I know exactly where my money is going.

Q. What would you like to see added to the Zosimos line?  

A.  Laundry detergent? I have been learning that many mainstream laundry detergents have very bad chemicals in them and your skin is constantly breathing them in 24/7. So that would be a great idea! Also, there could be even bigger sizes of lotions, moisturizers, etc! Just a thought :)

Q. Which Zosimos item would you take to a deserted  island?

A.  Restorative Facial Moisturizer! I cannot live without it now!

If you would like to be in the spotlight, send an e-mail to customer_service@zosimosbotanicals.com.
Formulator's Corner:  Products and Improvements

Many of you found Zosimos through the cosmeticdatabase.com "Skin Deep" website, because of how safe our cosmetics are.  We conduct an ongoing review for ways to protect you from harmful ingredients.  The lip gloss has undergone a recipe update, replacing the Soybean oil with Organic Sunflower oil.  Soybean oil is ranked 1 in Skin Deep and is flagged as a Cancer risk due to positive mutation results form a medical study.  Sunflower oil ranks 0.  We know you will appreciate this change!     

Creating fresh makeup and skincare is what a Formulator does.  So there's always something new on the horizon!  Mauve and Dahlia lip glosses are coming very soon.  Plus a new Roasted Mocha Dry Facial Mask with organic cocoa powder.   Once the Roasted Mocha mask is launched, a set of single treatment foil pouches will be offered.  The Dry Facial Mask Trial Set will have  one each of the Roasted Mocha, Pink Rose and Raspberry N Honey Dry Masks in a 1-2 use packet.

Monthly Special

A trial size set of our new Apple Orchard Shampoo and Conditioner for $1.00!  No coupon code necessary. 
Offer Expires: January 31, 2010
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More Earth Friendly
In the Blogosphere

Zosimos Botanicals recently received two very positive blog reviews of our Handcrafted Makeup and Skincare. 

The Find Blog called us a truly green skincare and make-up company you can trust. 

We were also happily surprised by a favorable review from Whitz World of Beauty.  

Blogs usually include a contest/giveaway which we post on our Facebook page, so there is a chance for you to win something! Become a fan on the Zosimos Botanicals Facebook page, and when you see a blog review, please stop by and give a read.


Send your Opinion and enter Contest

Would you be interested in a 16 oz. shower gel with a white lotion pump? Here's what the bottle looks like: 

Sixteen Ounce Bottle

The bottle is round instead of the oval we now use.  We chose plastic to avoid risk of shattering in the shower.  The current cost of an 8 oz. bottle is $15, the price for the larger bottle would be $28.

Before moving forward with this project, we want to know what you think! Send an e-mail with your comments. A response enters you to win an 8 oz. Shower Gel in the scent of your choice!

The winner will be announced in our next newsletter.

Greener  Packaging

At Zosimos, being green is a natural choice, so we are happy to announce that the plastic bubble bags will no longer be in use, once the current supply is exhausted.  A new product, biodegradable and recyclable bubble wrap will now hold the products for shipping.  The pouches will be heat sealed, eliminating the need for adhesive.  

Soap boxes made from 80-100% post consumer recycled materials are another earth-friendly improvement to our packaging.

Have a Beautiful Day!
Linda Stein,
Zosimos Botanicals LLC
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