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January 9, 2009
Volume 1.09

Happy New Year!  Welcome to the January issue of ZB News Snippets.  At Zosimos Botanicals, New Year's resolutions are to diligently work on formulating requested products and continue to bring the responsive, personal customer service you have come to expect.
Doing A World Of Good
There is a new section on E-Bay called World of Good, where participation is exclusively limited to eco-friendly and socially responsible businesses. 
As a member of Green America (formerly Co-op America), Zosimos Botanicals was encouraged to take part in this new venture.  In January, World of Good is challenging people to Shop their New Year's Resolutions.  
We are thrilled that they chose Zosimos Botanicals to  represent two of the 11 suggested "Ways to Kick Off A Great Year".  Pamper Yourself and Go Organic!!        
Moment With the Makeup Artist
Many times it is helpful to get suggestions on eyeshadow shades to complement your eye colors.  Use this guide as a starting point.  Don't be limited by it!  Customize your look to suit your personality.    

Blue Eyes

Branch, Blackberry, Poppy, Raspberry, Bronze, Burgundy, Pink Hilite
Green Eyes
Fool's Gold, Bronze, Grape, Pansy, Midnight Sky, Daylily, Lemonzest, Lilac
Hazel Eyes
Bronze, Aquamarine, Evergreen, Daylily, Leaf, Sage, Tigerlily, Teal, Fool's Gold, Peony, Slate Blue, Lemonzest
Brown Eyes
Redbud, Bluebell, Pink Hilite, Blackberry, Daylily, Slate Blue, Peony, Raspberry, Teal, Leaf, Pansy, Lemonzest, Lilac
Dark Brown Eyes
Burgundy, Pink Hilite, Daylily, Orchid, Raspberry, Teal, Tigerlily, Pansy, Blackberry
Universally Flattering Eye Shadows
Natural Brown, Natural Black, White Hilite, Silverbelle, Silver Shimmer, Black Shimmer  

The following are shades within the Zosimos Botanicals line that look good together.  Any of these pairings can be completed with either the White Hilite or Pink Hilite to take advantage of our Three for $30 offer.
Suggested Eye Shadow Pairings
Fool's Gold - Bronze
Aquamarine - Branch
Pink Hilite - Silver Shimmer
Pansy - Silverbelle
Peony - Leaf
Fool's Gold - Blackberry
Daylily - Sage
Teal - White Hilite
Lemonzest - Evergreen
Tigerlily - Branch
Bluebell - Midnight Sky
Daylily - Natural Brown
Raspberry - Black Shimmer
Our Newest Product Offerings
The Formulator is having fun! Every month we launch several new products.  Before being announced in the newsletter, they can be found on the Home Page in a box titled "What's New".  To expand the list, click on the arrow on the top right hand corner.
There are new shades of eyeshadow, Pink Hilite, Fool's Gold, Silver Shimmer and Black Shimmer.  Black Shimmer is available as an eye pencil, and Fool's Gold is available as a Shadow Stick (shown above). 
In the facial care area, Soothing Pore Treatment and Rejuvenating Seaweed Facial Mask have been added.
For lips, there is a new Mauve Lipstick, shown here, with matching  Lip Pencil and a Cocoa Lip Pencil.
A new scent of Body Butter in Lavender made its debut.
Primer in Autumn Cornhusk and Ebony Mink as well as Concealer in Autumn Cornhusk and Ebony Mink to match the Foundations were launched. 
Finally, Minscoops of our Soy Candles were introduced.  Zosimos Botanicals is well known for its sample offerings.  The innovative Miniscoops allow one to experience the soy candle scent blend.  Nothing can be burned, but it's a great tool to determine if a particular scent is appealing.  To our knowledge, this is the first offering of soy candle samples of this type.   
Primer Change
There is a new development in Primer:  There were so many requests for Primer with floral water instead of purified water to masque the scent of the liquid silk, that it is now the standard formula.  If you do not want the floral waters, please include a note in your Order.  This process is now reversed.  The default Primer now includes the floral water. 
How to Determine Shipping Fees
United States
The exact cost of postage can be easily calculated in advance by adding the desired products to a shopping cart. Proceed to checkout and complete your name and address information. Click "Continue" and view the total postage due.  Zosimos Botanicals does not receive any information until after payment information is entered and the "Place Order" button is clicked.  There is absolutely no obligation to proceed with the payment process after viewing the postage amount. The chosen items simply remain in the Shopping Cart if not purchased at that time.  
The exact postage rate can be calculated by placing items in the Shipping Cart and choosing either First Class or Priority Mail International, then adding your Delivery Address.  After viewing the postage amount, it is not mandatory to continue with the payment process.

 January Special 
Get a FREE mini-jar of our new Lavender Body Butter with the purchase of any 4 or 8 oz. Body Butter.

Offer expires 1/31/09.
2009 Resolutions
It's All About Customer Service

Doing Good
Eco E-Bay

Moment with the Makeup Artist
Complementary Shades for Eye Colors
Suggested Eye Shadow Pairings

Cosmetic Line Expands
Creativity Abounds in the Studio

Primer Reformulated
Primer Now Contains Floral Water

Helpful Online Tools 
Calculating Exact Shipping

Monthly Special
Lavender Minijar

Have a beautiful day!  Linda of Zosimos Botanicals

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