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Love is a beautiful thing, and many people celebrate it at this time of year by pampering themselves and their partners.  Many primp and preen for Valentine's Day, whether for a special night on the town or a night in.  A whole slew of products are marketed to make us feel more attractive, but there's nothing sexy about having your hormones and bodily health messed with by chemicals.  


Valentine's Day is just around the corner, a day to vow, renew and acknowledge your love. Stores will be selling traditional cards, chocolates and flowers. But let us remember, it is the day of love. Every kiss does not begin with a diamond. How about doing something different this Valentine's Day, something more in line with your eco-values?  Perhaps wake your Valentine up with breakfast in bed, or do something together; cook, bake, exercise, work in the garden, just relax.  If you believe in celebrating Valentine's Day with a gift, please pick a "green" present. 

Facebook is Showin' us some Love
Wow!  We reached 11,000 Facebook friends!

For those of y
ou who have been with us for awhile, it won't be a surprise that to mark this occasion something is 11% off.  


The February-born shall find;  

Sincerity and peace of mind;  

Freedom from passion and from care;  

If they an Amethyst will wear.

Amethyst Cream Shadow


The birthstone for February is Amethyst.  To honor all those born this month, Amethyst Eye Shadow and Amethyst Cream Shadoware 11% off using coupon code 11000FB.  




The Latest Beauty News 


Makeup looks on the European Spring Runway shows from Elie Saab to Elie Saab Couture Giambattista Valli Battisti Valli Runwayand everyone in between featured dewy, natural looking skin.  The buzz word is minimalism.  Taupes and browns were used to create the looks.  UK Vogue described it as "make-up artists shunned mascara in favour of a pretty, bare eye look, whilst flawless bases and conditioned lips had the models looking healthy and radiant."   

Create this look by using our moisturizer, foundation or finishing powder depending upon the coverage needed, either pot concealer/shadow base on the upper lids as a neutral tone shadow or a sparsely applied cream shadow in a light tone such as Daylily or Gold Hilite finished off with clear gloss or strawberry lip balm for a touch of color.   
Skincare Tips for Acne

I'm sure you have all seen the commercials and seen the ads for all the newest (and oldest) acne care products. They don't tell you the side effects. Drying, redness, irritation, and (gasp!!!) worsening of the blemishes you are trying to get rid of!


Some tips for helping to clear and keep skin looking healthy :

  1. Drink plenty of water - flush impurities before they reflect on your skin;
  2. Use appropriate sun block - stop damage before it starts;
  3. Avoid touching your face with your fingers - your fingertips contain oils and bacteria that can cause or worsen acne. Apply your makeup with brushes and avoid touching your face with your hands.
Lime Foaming Face Wash The trend is turning toward more natural skincare, why should your acne care be any different? 

We offer many products to clear problem skin.  Lime Foaming Face Wash to gently cleanse the skin,  Lime Cerasee toner to rinse away any remaining impurities, Honeybush acne serum to speed healing of blemishes, Manuka Moisture mask to heal, and very soon a Pumpkin Mask to draw out and purify pores.  Pre-orders for our Pumpkin Mask are being taken now and will be shipped by the end of the month, if not sooner.    
Healthy Aging 

We've reformulated our Repair Elixer Night Serum to be gluten-free, removing the soy lecithin and utilizing sunflower lecithin instead.   

Lecithin is fantastic and has been widely used in anti-aging products due to it's ability to penetrate the skin and act as a cell restructuring agent.  


Unfortunately, people with intolerance to gluten and those with soy allergies are unable to tolerate soy lecithin.  Now they can enjoy the hydrating, restructuring, soothing, and re-fatting effects of lecithin without the soy!   


Sunflower lecithin provides the same results without the worry of GMOs or reactions. Sunflower lecithin is non-irritant and non-comedogenic and can reduce the irritation of other surfactant products. It also provides long-lasting hydration.        

Monthly Special 


Seal It With A Kiss

KissAll orders over $50 can choose two ministicks in the shades of your choice.  Orders over $100 can choose four ministicks.   No coupon necessary.  Just leave us a note in the comments.  Please do NOT put the ministicks in your cart.  Failure to include a note will delay your order. 
Offer Expires: February 29, 2012
Midnight Eastern Time

Have a Beautiful Day!
Linda and the Staff of
Zosimos Botanicals

In The News 

Kathy Ireland Select Mag Cover

Linda's article "Label Awareness: Which Chemicals Are Lurking in Your Personal Care Products" appeared in the Jan/Feb 2012 issue of Select Magazine. Candace Cameron Bure wore our makeup for her interview on pages 52-57.  Contact us for a free copy of the article. 



Announcing the winner of the lipstick naming contest! 

Lipstick Contest

Melissa Rivers Whitman will receive a Mini Brush Set in a case with her suggestion of Sweet Pea.   

Find out more about Melissa's journey into the world of all things organic at melissawhitman.com.  

Vegan Minigloss

A new Vegan minigloss set is available!  Perfect for Vegans who want our minigloss set and don't need the extra shades which they have no intention on using.  Less waste!

Coming Soon

We are creating a kit specifically formed to clear acneic skin. Just in time to cleanse and heal before time to raid the closet for those cute little spring outfits!


Formulation of Activators to tailored to each of the facial masks are in the works.  You will have the option to buy the mask with or without the activator. 

Customer Feedback  

Congratulations to Phyllis S., winner of this month's Customer Feedback token of appreciation. She won $10 by telling us this:  "I just put in an order for 3 brow stabilizers because this product is SO good! I had to write and ask to please keep this product in your product line. I not only use it to keep my brow powder in place (excellent!) but also around my lips to keep color from migrating (also helps on lines around mouth) and I use over lip color to keep my lips from drying out. Such a multi-use product!" 

Packaging Update 


In response to chats with Customers, there is a new Primer packaging option, Primer is now available in a frosted glass spray bottle.  The original natural squeeze bottle is still available and there are no plans to discontinue it.   


The glass spray bottle holds 2 oz., the same capacity as the squeeze bottle.  If you are using the scented Primer, packaging the floral waters in glass keeps them smelling fresher a bit longer.    


To avoid confusion, separate products for the "Primer in a Spray Bottle - Regular" and "Primer in a Spray bottle - Unscented" with drop down menus for choosing your desired shade have been created.

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