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Volume 2.10                                                   February 2010
Welcome to the Valentines Edition

We're reflecting on Love this month.  Zosimos Botanicals attempts to create love in many forms.  Self-love is embodied in our practice of protecting our bodies from toxins.  Love for mankind is expressed though charitable acts.  Love for living things is shown through our environmental practices.  Love of being independent is manifested in our creativity.  

We wish you recognition for the love you bring to others this Valentine's Day!

Zosimos Botanicals has sent packages to customers in 40 countries, but remember, here in the States, February 15th is President's Day.
Lots of New Products to Love! 

As promised last month, the Mask Single Treatment Trio is now available!  The set contains one each of the Roasted Mocha, Pink Rose and Raspberry N' Honey dry facial masks in a single to two use packet.

Mask Trio

Introducing two new shades of lip gloss - Earthtone and Camellia!  Earthtone  matches the lipstick and lip pencils of the same name.  Camellia is a clear gloss loaded with shimmer.  Camellia can be worn alone or over another color to add a punch of glamour.   Dahlia and Mauve lip glosses coming very soon!!

Citrus GroveMinty Lemon and Chamomile Neroli scents have been added to our handmade natural olive oil soaps offerings.

For oily or combination skin, try our new Lime Cerasse Toner.  The acidic nature of certified organic Lime hydrosol breaks down and removes sebum buildup.  The Lime hydrosol is blended with our unique infusion of Jamaican Cerasse tea.  Cerasee tea is traditionally used to rid the body of toxins.

It is now possible to try out the roll-on deodorants!  A Jasmine Roll-on deodorant trial size and Lavender Roll-on deodorant trial size have been added to our already extensive array of trial size products available.
Are You a Green Bride?

Zosimos Botanicals is listed in the Green Bride Guide, where the soon-to-be-wed can find environmentally friendly wedding resources.  We can create romantic candles to light a rehersal dinner, lip gloss or lipstick to match bridesmaids dresses, bridesmaids gifts, wedding day makeup or makeup for those sultry honeymoon nights!

Help for Haiti
In times of disaster, we show our love of mankind through generosity and compassion.  You may have seen the pledge on our home page to donate 2% of all revenues generated from now until the end of January to Haitian relief efforts.  We are extending this until February 28th.   Funds will be donated to Save the Children's immediate response to the children and families in Haiti affected by the devastating earthquake.
Zosimos Body Butter Aides Surgical Recovery

We love it when customers share their experiences with our products!  Here's a heartwarming anecdote from Ronni M. of Chicago, IL.  

"Dear Zosimos Botanicals;Body Butter
I am recovering from the second surgery on my leg in 4 weeks. Due to all the swelling and bitter cold in Chicago, my leg looked like it grew alligator skin. I was looking for a product that was all natural to apply to my leg to reduce the dry skin and irritation. I discovered your unscented body butter and it has immensely aided in my recovery.

Within a day, the itching was gone and after a few days, the dryness disappeared. I was so thrilled to find a product I was not afraid to apply near my incision and worked so well. Thanks for formulating a great product - I had to share my delight!"
Customer Spotlight

Showing some love this month to Lori B. of Carlisle, PA.

Q.  Tell us about yourself, what makes you happy?
A.  Many things make me happy and bring contentment to my life.  I enjoy my career as psychologist, and it's taught me (and still is!) that while I may work hard to help others it's imperative that I take good care of myself.  I do that by spending time with my partner and pets, regular meditation, and I've just begun a yoga regimen that I hope will become part of my daily life.  I've had a longstanding passion for animals and the environment and I get immense joy when I see human beings coming together to protect both!  Recently, it's been important to me to only purchase food and beauty products that are not at the expense of animals or their habitat.  I enjoy having the simple pleasures of life (good make-up/beauty products and good food) and relishing the fact that it was obtainined ethically and responsibly-- guilt free. 

Q.  Which are your favorite Zosimos Botanicals products?
A.  I've only gotten started but the mineral foundation and primer are definitely my favs (oh, and the black sparkle eyeliner).

Why do you like buying from Zosimos?
A.  I greatly respect the transparency of the descriptions of products (truth in labeling) and cruelty-free nature.  The website is easy and fun to navigate (making the hedonistic shopping experience a lot of fun!).  I only wish the store were close enough for me to walk to!

Q. Are there additional products/services Zosimos should offer?
A.  I would love to know if non-toxic, natural nail polishes are a possibility.

Q. Which Zosimos item would you take to a deserted island?
A.  Hmmm.... this feels a bit like question #2, because I'd definitely be tempted to bring my favorites!
Monthly Special
Garnet and Camellia
FREE mini Camellia lip gloss with any purchase of a Garnet lipstick.  No coupon necessary!
Offer Expires: February 28, 2010
In This Issue
Wedding Favors
Help for Haiti
Body Butter Helps Healing
Customer from PA
And the Winner Is...
Some Prices Going Up
youtube.com Contest
Sharing the Love
Shower Gel Contest Results

The winner of last month's shower gel is Holly M. of Sumas, WA.  Congratulations, Holly!

The responses overwhelmingly were in favor of the bigger bottle size. 

Price Increase Notice

As with all relationships, there are some ups and downs.  Effective with all orders received after 2/04/2010 Zosimos Botanicals will be increasing prices of its Eye Shadow, Bronzer, Pencils and Blush. This is the first price increase we have had on these products since 2007. We have attempted to hold pricing as long as possible but must pass through the cost increases that we have experienced.


An article on natural beauty published in the The Bulletin newspaper in Bend, OR recommends our eye pencil and eye shadow as the organic beauty picks. 

youtube.com Contest

We are one of the sponsors of a Winter Wonderland themed contest running now through March 6th.  Four girls (marimakeupbc, MakeUpByL, PynkPuSsiCat, aleexandraaxo) with makeup utube channels are jointly judging entries.  To enter, upload a video of yourself with a makeup look based on the theme, subscribe to the channels or comment on the videos uploaded. 

Social Responsibility Update

Zosimos Botanicals is now a proud member of 1% for the Planet.  Annually, 1% of our profit will be donated to a non-profit environmental organization.  Our first donation was made to the Environmental Working Group

A recent Gift Basket donation was made to the Walter Reed Auxiliary, an organization comprised of military spouses helping those being treated at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.  The basket was auctioned at a fundraising event.

Have a Beautiful Day!
Linda Stein,
Zosimos Botanicals LLC
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