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February 3, 2009
Volume 2.09

The essence of natural beauty
Welcome to the February issue of ZB News Snippets.  This month is all about LOVE.  Everyone loved our Inauguration sale, that's for sure!  For those of you who love the winter months, on Groundhog Day the little critter predicted six more weeks of Winter. 
But hey, we have many wonderful days to look forward to - the 1st day of Spring in March, Easter in April, the beginning Summer on Memorial Day in May, Mother's Day, and Father's Day in June.  And Zosimos Botanicals will be here for you with products and gifts to protect your skin, brighten your day, and enhance your natural beauty.
As Zosimos Botanicals grows, I get the opportunity to email and chat on the phone with so many of our customers.  It's been such a great pleasure for me to get to know you all and share your invaluable comments.  For those of you who like to put a face to a name, I thought you might like a peak at who you've been working with, so I'm including my picture in this newsletter.      
A Heart Full of Flowers
We are really excited to tell you about the Valentine's Gift set we put together!  It has unique special items including two Lavender and Peppermint Sachets, a Seeded Heart, an Oriental Garden Solid Perfume Stick and a Garnet Lip Gloss.    
We created the Sachet with a loop on the top, so it can be threaded onto a hangar and used to scent a closet.  It gives it a little extra thoughtful touch, in addition to the traditional use as a drawer sachet.
The seeded heart is a white heart-shaped Ornament made of recycled paper implanted with Forget Me Not flower seeds.  It can be planted indoors during winter or outside in Spring and will remind your loved one of you.
The Oriental Garden solid perfume is a blend of Geranium Bourbon, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, and West Indian Rosewood essential oils; Oakmoss Absolute.   
The last item in the Valentine's Gift Set is a Garnet Lip Gloss.  A fabulous, classic Red!  What could be more appropriate?
At $30, our limited time Valentine's Gift set is affordable enough to send to loved ones near and far.  We have 2"x3" rose print note cards that can be personalized with your desired sentiment.   
Moment With the Makeup Artist
V is for Voluptuous this Valentines Day
Our resident makeup artist, Jessica, says February is the month to get the Perfect Pout! To achieve a truly voluminous lip shape:
Step 1: Using a concealer brush, apply your concealer to the lip and lip line gently feathering out from your mouth.
Step 2: Line your lips with a Lip Pencil. Starting on the lower lip, draw a small line on the bottom of your lower lip line. Then position the pencil at the corner of the mouth and draw another line connecting to the bottom line. Repeat this on the other side. Do the same on the top. Start in the center of the lip, and draw straight line over the Cupid’s Bow, or “V” of the lip. Do not go too far outside of your natural lip line, but be sure not to dip into the “V” or you will achieve a more natural look. Then, position the pencil in the corner of the mouth and connect the line upwards to the center line on the top. Once lined, gently fill in the lips with the pencil.
Step 3: Fill in your lined lips with Lipstick. I recommend doing this with a lip brush for precise application. Completely cover the liner with the lipstick. Gently blot your lips with a tissue. Reapply the lipstick. This will set the lipstick, and make it wear longer.
Step 4: Apply Lip gloss in the center of the lips only. Gently press your lips together.  Voila!  Find someone to smooch!
Formulator's Corner
The buzz around the makeup counter these days seems to be about Nanoparticles.  Zosimos Botanicals doesn't use nano-sized ingredients, and I'd like to explain why.    
Way back in 1997, nano sized Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide particles were found to cause free radicals in skin cells, damaging DNA.  In January 2004 scientists presented findings that gold nanoparticles can move across the placenta from mother to fetus.  This information was provided by 
Dr. Christine H. Farlow, D.C., The Ingredients Investigator
The users of nanoparticles advertise that these tiny ingredients enhance absorbtion into the skin.  Correct, but is that a good thing?  Is it necessary to have our makeup lodged inside our DNA?  I think not.   Long term effects of the use of nanoparticles is unknown.
Many people are unaware of the distinction between nanoparticles and micronized particles.  Micronized particles are 1,000 times larger than nanoparticles and do not pose the same risks.

 February Special 
Protect your skin in dry weather! Get a FREE Anti-Element Emollient Minijar with any full size Manuka Moisture Mask purchase.

Offer expires 2/28/09.
Forget Me Not 

Moment with the Makeup Artist
Step By Step Guide to the Perfect Pout

Formulator's Corner
Say No to Nano

Monthly Special
Time to Hydrate!

Have a beautiful day!  Linda of Zosimos Botanicals

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