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Volume 12.09                                                   December 2009
Happy December to all!

Decorating.  Seasonal music.  Sharing traditions.  Sending gifts to friends and family near and far.  Cozily sipping warm drinks fireside
after raking leaves.  Sharing past memories and creating new ones.  Holiday parties. 

Whatever this month has in store for you, Zosimos sends wishes for a wonderful, safe holiday season to you and yours!  

And remember, we carry gifts to share and makeup to keep you looking your best during the holidays and the whole year!

Product Q and A

This month, we add a new feature to the newsletter, answering questions that came in from our Customers.

Q: What is the difference between the shadow sticks and the pencils? How do you apply them?

A: The pencils are regular thin eye pencils and yield the color in a
thin line applied along the lash line, upper or lower, or the inner lid if
you line there.  The Shadow Sticks are thick barreled, like jumbo crayons.  They are softer in texture and will apply a wide stroke along the upper lid, which is used instead of a powder eye shadow.

If you have a question about one of the Zosimos Botanicals products, send it via e-mail to customer_service@zosimosbotanicals.com.
New Product Announcements!

Blusher BrushAll the shades of blush are now offered in the convenient refillable brush packaging!  The Blusher Brush holds approximately 7 grams of blush by weight (the jar holds about 5 grams).

Lemon Lip Balm is here...a great unisex wintertime balm to sooth and protect everyone's pucker on your list! 

The Daily Anti-Oxidant Cream now Daily Anti Oxidant 2 ouncecomes in a 2 oz. bottle (the original bottle was a 4 oz. size and is still offered).  By buying a smaller bottle more frequently, the cream you use is fresher. 

More Eco-friendly soy candle packaging soon!

All soy candles will be repackaged, in two sizes of frosted glass containers.  The glass will then be packed into cardboard cylinders.

Once the new packaging is launched, the candle tins will be on clearance while supplies last.

Monthly Special
Jute HolidayStocking
Holiday Stocking Special

Receive a FREE Jute Christmas Stocking, without any contents, with the purchase of any Gift Basket.  While supplies last.
Offer Expires: December 31, 2009
In This Issue
Product Q and A
New Product Announcements
Customer Spotlight
Customer Spotlight

The December spotlight shines on Debbi H. of Pomona, CA.

Q.  What makes you happy?
A.  My outlook on life is what makes me happy.  External things change, but my attitude is all under my control.

Q.  What are your favorite Zosimos products?
A.  I really like the eye products the best. The shadows are wonderful textures and the colors are vibrant. The eyeliners go on smooth.

Q. What do you like most about buying products from Zosimos?
A.  I like buy from Zosimos because it is all natural and good quality. Also, good customer service!

Q. What would you like to see added to the Zosimos line?
A. I would love to find a good natural self-tanner.

Q. Which Zosimos item would you take to a deserted  island?
A.  If I'm on a deserted island? ... why not take them all?!

Have a Beautiful Day!
Linda Stein,
Zosimos Botanicals LLC
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