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Volume 8.09                                                                       August, 2009

Welcome August ZB News Snippets readers!

Relax for a few more weeks of Summer because we're all starting to hear the rumblings of "Back to School" time!     

Zosimos seeks to be "On Fire!"

In 2008, Zosimos ranked 7th of the Top 10 Greenest Home-Based Business in StartupNation's contest.  This year we would like to be named GREENEST and hold the No. 1 spot. 

The measure of votes is shown on a gauge that will read "On Fire!" when we have a lot of support.  Supportive comments may also be posted. 

Please show us your support by voting daily on our profile! 

Meet Summer Intern Michelle!
We are excited to have with us this summer another Intern from 
Liberty's Promise. Michelle is originally from the Ivory Coast of Africa
and has only been in the US for 1 year. She is trilingual, speaking French,
Spanish and English. We will miss her when she returns to begin her
Sophomore year in High School
this Fall.

Announcing the Winner!

Thank you to all the wonderful engaged customers who responded to our lip balm challenge! 
ABIGAIL H. you have won the $10 Gift Certificate! Congratulations!

LEMON was the flavor with the most votes
- look for it soon! 
Kudos from the Press

Green Gardenista blogger shared with her readers:

"I purchased the Magnolia blush to replace the blush product had recently finished, and added to that a small stick of solid perfume in the Jasmine scent. After one month's use, I give both of these products excellent reviews, and would happily recommend either of them! My skin looks and feels great!"
AMEX Coming Soon!

We are working with our credit card processor to add American Express to the list of payment methods accepted.  This should be completed shortly.

Currently, our system accepts VISA, MasterCard and Discover. 

To render payment using an AMEX, you can do so by choosing Paypal and paying us with the AMEX on Paypal.  Even if you do not have a Paypal account. 

Ingredients Used Glossary Enhanced

Additional explanations of raw materials we use to make our products have been added to the Ingredients Used Glossary in recent weeks, and will be an ongoing project. 

Recent additions include substances such as Stevia, Rosewood Essential Oil, Nettle Extract, Petitgrain Essential Oil.  The entries are intended to be interesting as well as informative. 
Monthly Special
Skincare Starter Kit
Skincare Starter Kit has everything you need to try our facial care!  One each of the following:  Lemon Facial Cleansing Cream Minijar, Lemon Facial Cleansing Scrub Minijar, Daily Anti Oxidant Cream Minidose,  Restorative Facial Moisturizer Minidose, Lavender Sage Toner Mninimist,  Fresh Rose Toner Minimist, Pink Rose Dry Facial Mask Trial Size, Raspberry N Honey Dry Facial Mask Trial Size.  Regularly $23.50.

Discount Pricing Expires: August 31, 2009

Have a Beautiful Day!

Linda Stein
Zosimos Botanicals LLC
This Issue at a Glance
Zosimos Competes!
Meet Intern Michelle
Lip Balm Contest Winner
Kudos From the Press
Monthly Special
New Color Cosmetics
Solid Deodorant Portable
Ordering Minis Easier
New Color Cosmetics
Straw Harvest Brow Pencils
The line of Brow Pencils is rounding out with Straw Harvest and Charcoal.

Trial Size Deodorant
Solid DeodorantTrial Size
As promised in our June newsletter, a Trial Size of the Essential Solid Unisex Deodorant is now available!

Perfect for the gym bag, the after pool shower, that transition time from work to cocktail party!
Easier Way to Order Minipinches and Take Along Lip Therapy!
It is now simpler to Order  Minipinches of Eye Shadows.  A Minipinch for each Shade of Eye Shadow has now been added as it's own product.  They appear after the full size Eye Shadow in the alphabetical order list. 

Each Minipinch can be added to the Cart as you go along making purchasing choices. 

This replaces the old system of having to place the total number of Minipinches in the cart and then list all the colors you want in the Comments during checkout.  We will leave this option on the site for anyone who prefers it, but the new system should be much less confusing. 

We are working towards photographing all the Minipinches.

Each Take Along Lip Therapy Flavor has also been added to the Lip Balm Category as a separate product.

As with the Minipinches, simply choose a Take Along Lip Therapy flavor and place it into the Shopping Cart individually.  It is no longer necessary to enter any Comments! 
Coming Very Soon!
Expectant Arrival Argan Oil is imminently being birthed into the Zosimos family of products.

In a 4 oz. bottle, it soothes the abdominal skin as it stretches to accommodate the growing baby.  Tested by our very own Staffer Erika (due in just a few weeks).  It is very effective in combating, among other things, itchiness.  
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