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April 1, 2009
Volume 4.09

The essence of natural beauty
Happy April Fool's Day!  It's no joke that this really IS the April issue of ZB News Snippets!  April is a special month here in DC, as it brings the National Cherry Blossom Festival and the Parade on the 4th. 
Don't forget Easter Sunday is April 12th!  We prepare gorgeous baskets in the studio.  Please order Easter baskets by April 6th to ensure timely delivery by the Zosimos bunny!        

Our "filing" offer continues until April15th, with all orders receiving a free Zosimos emery board. 
April also brings us Earth Day on the 22nd.  In celebration, all orders placed this month will receive a complimentary packet of Organic Sunflower Seeds.  Plant a little sunshine in your patch of the Earth!        
Glass versus Plastic Packaging 
Thank you for the many thoughtful responses to our query about plastic vs. glass packaging!  Important issues were mentioned, including:
  • it takes more energy to produce glass than plastic
  • glass in a shower may shatter if dropped and be a safety hazard
  • glass is heavier which increases shipping cost and carbon emissions
  • the polypropylene packaging we employ is recyclable
  • plastic is safe for taking on travel 
Many people are under the impression that all plastic produces "off-gassing" (which is not the case) and lean towards glass.   
As a result, several new products (not meant for the shower) will be in glass packaging.  The size of items will be considered to avoid a significant shipping increase.    
The Winners of free embroidered Zosimos shirts are:  Selena Moffitt [OR], Lynne Kopac [NY], Elsa Orantes [CA] and Melanie Barrett [DC].  Thank you!
Runway Inspired Neutrals & More 
Ivory, Pink and Taupe Sparkle!   Introducing three new eye shadow shades, all neutrals with either mother-of-pearl or gilded shimmer.  Ivory and Pink are also available as Shadow Sticks, with Taupe coming soon.     
But wait, there's more...
Argan Around Eye Cream is the answer to years of queries for a specialized eye cream.  Argan Oil is highly regarded due to its ability to prevent wrinkles from appearing.  
Garnet Lip & Cheek Tint and matching Lip Pencil.  The Garnet Tint goes on sheer, allowing you to layer it on to achieve the desired color intensity.
Black Cherry and Coconut Lip Balms.  Two new flavors of lip balm to choose from!  We are now using natural Stevia herb as the sweetener in the lip balm. 
Rosemary & Chamomile Body Butter is whipped to a fluffy consistency. 
Simply Sprinkle Dry Shampoo is a great addition to the hair care line.  For those days in-between washings, it extends the life of your style by adhering to the oils in the hair and letting you whisk them away with a brisk comb out!  
Amethyst, Robin's Egg Blue and Sapphire Eye Shadows.  Amethyst is a dark ripe plum, Robin's Egg Blue is a matte baby blue and Sapphire is a medium which is a little lighter than Larkspur.  Remember, these are fabulous as eye liners when used with a wet eye liner brush!   

Lemon Facial Cream is in a Jar!
And just a quick note about the Lemon Facial Cleansing Cream packaging - it is now in a Jar.  The same jar as the Lemon Facial Scrub.  No more trying to squeeze it out of the Malibu tube!  We heard you!  New photos coming soon. 

Introducing Dry Facial Masks
Dry masks have an advantage of a much longer shelf life.  Simply hydrate enough for an application when your ready to apply it!  The first product launched is a Pink Rose Dry Facial Mask.  Actual rose powder makes the Pink Rose mask smell divine!
We are so thrilled about this product that the April Special is an Introductory Priced $1 Trial Size Jar.  The Trial size jar holds one ounce, which is enough for about three applications.
The Raspberry N Honey Facial Mask is being reformulated as a Dry Facial Mask, so look for it soon.
The best way to get the most coverage with a mask is to apply it with a Facial Treatment Brush (not your hands).  Send an e-mail, let us know if you have an interest in buying a set with a mask and brush together at a reduced price. 
An April Event We're Supporting
V is for Voluptuous this Valentines Day
On April 30th, the Breast Cancer Fund is holding their annual Heroes Tribute at the Jewish Community Center in San Francisco.  If you live near San Fran, we encourage you to attend.  The Breast Cancer Fund is the only organization solely focused on preventing breast cancer as opposed to curing it.   
Living Green: Kids Teaching Kids
As an advocate for all things eco-friendly, Zosimos' owner, Linda, participates in educational activities when she gets a chance.  One of these resulted in becoming a contributing author to the newly published book "Living Green:  Kids Teaching Kids by the Way They Live" by Jill Ammon Vanderwood.   As a mother of two young children, Linda relates how the Freecycle network has affected her family and business.  If there is a child in your life, this is a wonderful book to consider sharing with them.    

April Special  
Trial Size of the Pink Rose Dry Facial Mask for $1!  
Limit One per Customer.
Offer expires April 30, 2009. 
Earth Day 
Sunny Flowers to Celebrate with

Packaging Recap
Summary of Responses

Product Launches
Sparkle for Spring
Eye Cream
More Garnet!
New Body Butter
New Lip Balms
Dry Shampoo
More Eye Shadows!

Lemon Facial Cream Gets Repackaged
Jars Only - Hooray!

Dry Facial Masks
Pink Rose

Social Responsibility
Heroes Tribute

Living Green
Newly Published 

Monthly Special
Introductory Pricing

Have a beautiful day!  Linda of Zosimos Botanicals

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