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"By the way, these are beautiful shades and have great staying power! Thanks for a great plant based product!" Loretta M., Willingboro, NJ

"Thanks for making great products!!" Tina R., Martinsville, NJ

"I just wanted you to know how absolutely amazing I think your products are!!! I purchased about 15 different sample size items, and am in love with everything!! I have never been able to use any kind of shimmer powder on my face they usually contain oil and or titanium dioxide both break my skin out, esp in combo. I can't wait to purchase everything I tried, then I'll be moving on to your eye shadow and lip pencils! I just purchased 3 of the eye shadows that I tried and loved! The special you had on the buy 2 get one free was fantastic and a great way to start purchasing everything on my list!! Great job, amazing natural products!!!" Angelina S., West Hartford, CT.

"I just wanted to say that your Essential Deodorant Solid is the first 'natural' deodorant I've ever bought that actually works -- really well! I'm very happy with this discovery! Thanks," Jennifer J., Charlotte, NC.

"Happy New Year!! Just wanted to say thank you for all the great products and specials. I have been using your products for a while now and I love them!! My skin is healthy looking and the coverage lasts all day!! What I love most about finding you is what I can pass on to my daughter. I want her to understand how important it is to use quality, healthy makeup. I am very grateful for your products. Makeup for me is something I wear everyday, so it's important!! Thank you!!! Have a great 2012!!" Sincerely, Jessica H., Surprise, AZ

"I have been using Zosimos primer and mineral foundation for three years now, after trying many other natural products. I have been so happy with the results that when I move to Europe shortly I will still get all of my make up from Zosimos." Ruth W., Dallas, TX

"Your products have been a miracle for my eyes. I was told by one dermatologists to stop wearing makeup completely since I was still having allergic reactions to all sensitive skin lines. That comment from the dermatologist was the same as telling me to stop being a woman. After 11 months of trial and error I have found your makeup. Thank you for your line/products. I am happy to be able to feel as a woman and wear makeup again. I am forever grateful." Carolina E., Miramar, FL

"Thank you so much that's all really great information to know! I must have missed the cream concealor I'll have to go back and try to find it. You've been so helpful and great. Thanks again! If I like the product I'm definitely going to be a lifer! You guys are great and I really like supporting you because of using clean energy as well as all your products are rated really low on ewg's site." Camille K., Salem, CT

"I just want to say Thank you for being so great about my damaged order. It was truly a pleasure to do business with you and the products are wonderful." Sincerely, Diane Y., Stafford Springs, CT

"I just want you to know how happy my daughter and I have been with your make-up. I have allergies to almost every make-up on the market, but didn't have a single problem with yours. I love that they are natural and not full of preservatives and harmful chemicals. My daughter wears your cream eye shadows and blush during dance performances and it stays put and doesn't fade off. I will say that the cream works best for me since I have extremely oily eyelids; however, I am able to wear a powder shadow over the cream and it will stay nicely. I love the light feel of the powder blushes and finishing powder. The only thing I miss is wearing mascara and am hoping that you will be able to develop one soon. Thanks for making such great products and for caring about others and the world we live in." Kelly D., Corpus Christi, TX

"LOVE LOVE LOVE your products and everything you are about!" Kelley M., Freeport, NY

"I just wanted to let you know that I have finally tried the eyeliner pencils and brow pencils and they are absolutely fantastic. I am very pleased with the quality of these. The previous pencils that I was getting from another supplier were shocking, they kept crumbling or they had been made too waxy and they would just smudge on while bending at the tip. So thanks so much, you're a lifesaver as I am confident my customers and stockists are going to love these too. Have a great week!" Susan Y., New Zealand Wholesale Customer

"Love your site!! And that I actually could find a brighter magenta color lipstick to try!! If I like it a lot, I'll be back to buy the big one!!! And natural eyeliner/shadow!!!! Thanks, Blessings," Brooke L., Rogers, AR

"I just wanted to tell you that I received the Restorative Facial Moisturizer and it smells so good this time!! I have ordered it many times but this time it smells the best! I also like the new glass bottle. Thank you so much!" Bree G., Boulder, CO

"I received my package about a week ago and I've been trying out the products. Thank you so much, they are amazing! It's hard to say which are my favourites because they are all wonderful and they do wonders for my skin (I've got very sensitive and easily irritated skintype) but I think I can't live without the brow stabilizer anymore. :)" Anu Isoaho, Oulun Laani, Finland

"I don't buy or use a lot of makeup, but when I'm ready to buy more, I will continue to be a Zosimos customer! As a cancer survivor, I really appreciate the commitment to using less/non-toxic ingredients!" Dorian S., Albany, NY

"I love your products. I appreciate that your company cares and uses safe ingredients. I also appreciate that you educate your customers about safe ingredients on your website and that you list all your ingredients for each product. That is awesome! :) Thank you! I discovered your company by looking at the safe cosmetic database. I read a lot of green articles about cosmetics on the internet and was searching for a company that focused on safe ingredients. If it had not been for the database I am not sure I would have found your company because I did not see it mentioned in other website articles. It is surprisingly hard sometimes to locate green cosmetic companies that do not green wash. So of course I was really glad to find your company which is truly green, has integrity and great ingredients. I wish you much success. I have recommended your company to others and will continue to do so." Lisa S., Agoura Hills, CA

"I love the cream shadows, and am so glad they come in different sizes to try out. What a relief not to have to worry about chemicals! I have spent years trying to find makeup like this. Go for it!" Susanne C., Cambridge, Mass

I found this company via a small ad on Facebook & thought, what the heck. I was looking for something more natural for skin care, especially for my 11 year old daughter. She has dry skin & is now hitting that age where she is having breakouts. All of the over the counter, " mainstream " products wreaked havoc on her skin. I dropped a line asking a few questions, got a prompt & courteous response & ordered a ton of samples. The honeybush acne serum works wonders! We tried it on a patch of broken out skin on her back just before she went to bed. The next day, I was stunned at how much better her skin looked. We are almost through the sample, so I am ordering a full size at this very moment...& a few things for me, too! Dawn S., Cantonment, FL

With regard to our new Concealer consistency, A. Dilon of British Columbia, Canada had this to say "its lovely, perfect goey texture good job!"

"Hi Linda, Here again I am ordering mini-pinches! While I'm not a frequent wearer of make-up, I am a huge fan of yours! You've been generous with me in the past having donated some samples for a talk I gave to Holistic Moms Network in NYC. Many thanks for making such great products! I would also add how comforting it is to know there is a safe make-up I can use when nursing and pregnant - a time when it is especially nice to feel pretty! Can't wait to get my new make-up!" Stephanie T, Thiensville, WI

"I love all of your products and everything that your company stands for. Congrats to you on all of your achievements and for putting out a wonderful eco product! I'm so happy to have found you!" Jodi C., Medford, OR via Etsy

"I recieved my samples last week and I totally love everything I got! I'm so happy your shampoo works with my hair! I've been having a hard time finding shampoos that don't dry out my hair or make it too greasy that don't have chemicals in them. Plus I have eczema on my scalp and they don't make it burn! Oh and I love the smell! I'll definitely be ordering more and more stuff! Also, I love the great customer service!" Brittany D., Chantilly, VA (who uses the Apple Orchard shampoo)

"Thank you for your response and time. I did receive my package today. Also, thank you for making a "safe product". I have been very happy with everything I have gotten so far and I'm gradually converting to all of your makeup. Thank you again!!" Karen L., Marshfield, WI

"I've had a moment to chill out and relax and play with your products! I am really into the creme blush/lip color and the brushes are fantastic! The lip colors are nice, a little subtle for my taste though:) All in all I think your product line is very sweet and perfect for an earthy/natural girl who wants to pump up the natural beauty she already has. My mother stole one of the lip colors and thats certainly saying a lot about the range of customer you should/do have too!" Gretchen Jones, Project Runway Contestant

"[Y]ou really care for your customers and it's much appreciated!" Sara P., Goteborg, Sweden

"Thanks for making such amazing make-up. My daughter is 9 and although I wish she would stay young forever, I am excited to share these healthy products with her when the time is right. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the eyeshadows and shimmer dusts." Heather F., Santa Ana, CA.

"Woo hoo! I am looking forward to trying out the different colors. I have learned quite a bit from Sophie Uliano and decided I deserve healthy ingredients and cleansers from head to toe! Your products should fit the bill perfectly." Julie C., Sedona, AZ

"After getting a few eye infections from make-up, I went searching for companies that used less harsh chemicals, and had a better understanding of how the make-up affected my skin. I first just tried some eyeliner from Zosimos, but now I've tried a multitude of colors and products. I've never had an eye liner or a shadow stick that I didn't love--and the colors are amazing! And everything is made when you order it! How cool is that? Thank you all so much for your hard work and excellent customer service. It never goes unappreciated!" Melanie S., Lancaster, OH

"We tried both spray samples on an evening hike through the woods by a creek--my husband wore the rainforest spray, I wore the bug-away, and our daughter wore one on one side and one on the other (to do a comparison). Despite the visible mosquitoes swarming around and bites on our companions, we had NO bug bites the entire evening. We're heading off to a weekend in the mountains of West Virginia so I'm sure I'll have even more support of the sprays to add! In addition, I would like to say again how much I have loved every one of your products I've tried. I get frequent compliments on my make-up. Thanks for caring enough to create safe and effective products that I can feel so good about using!" Michele R., Broadway, VA.

"Knowing that anything that goes on my skin is going to be absorbed into my bloodstream, I am selective about anything I slather onto my skin, including make-up. I was so pleased to find that Zosimos' ingredients were among the safest, and yet, still offered a great look and value. A big selling point to me was being able to try the "mini" sizes before committing to a full-size shade of that item. Great color selection, too. Linda, I'm a huge fan!" JJ Klein, MPH, RD, Alive and Well Nutrition, Natural Alternatives to Complex Health Issues, Santa Clarita, CA. www.aliveandwellnutrition.com

"I just wanted to let you know that I love the burgundy lip pencil and take along lip therapy chapsticks that I bought. The color of the lip pencil is perfect and the chapsticks attached easily to my key chain and fit easily in my small purse. I will definitely recommend your products to others." Maria H., Los Angeles, CA

"Received my first sample order and was very pleased! It's nice to know that someone is looking out for the health and beauty of others. Glad to know that you only have products in the 0-2, EWG catagory. Thank You!" Deborah P., Springfield, IL

"Just a quick note to tell you I was transported to my time in SE Asia when I opened the wee jasmine pot. It is delicious!!" Marsha L., Hammond, IN.

"I recently purchased your mineral foundation in FLAX, which I love! I have been looking for foundation to which my body did not react for two years now. Yours is the first!" Lisa P, Knoxville, TN.

"I just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying your products! I've always been the nothing-is-more-luxurious-than-pricey-retail customer and I've recently decided to begin making my transition from mass manufactured/potentially toxic beauty products to natural, responsible, and healthier products. I didn't know it would be so much fun, thanks to your facial products and make up. I can't wait to fill my shopping cart again!" Lori B., Carlisle, PA.

"I wanna tell you how excited I am to finally receive my samples of the Mineral Powder Foundation all the way from USA to Singapore. I have read a lot of articles about the goodness of Zinc Oxide and I'm glad that you are one of the few companies that use purely non-nano Zinc Oxide to counteract the damaging effects of UV rays." S. Teng, Singapore

"Thank you so much Linda, I really appreciate it! I am now an avid Zosimos customer and will be forever, I love your products! So you have a life long customer! Happy Holidays!" Erica A., Valley Village, CA

"I found Zosimos because I was looking for cosmetics without toxic chemicals. Though I've been a Bare Minerals fan for ages I wanted a product that had less chemicals and was better for my skin. Well, I found it! The eye shadows are my favorite. I think that the colors are BETTER than bare minerals and they stay on all day without creasing or caking. And, with the trial sizes you can find the perfect shade for you. Thanks, Linda for making a quality product!" Victoria S., Maryville, IL

"I'm just so happy that your products exist. I've always preferred natural products, but this past April when I was diagnosed at 46 with breast cancer, suddenly it became more important to me than ever to use the purest things on my skin that I could find. I'm doing well now, having just finished chemotherapy, and the future looks brighter. Thanks to the wonderful Internet and people like you, the task of finding top-quality products without lots of chemicals is much easier than it was a few years ago." C. Murray in Columbus, OH

"And by the way I am wearing your Cinnamon lipstick right now and found that it is a great match for the Acquarella smelted nail polish I also carry. In an orange sweater, I feel so together for fall!!" Inger W., Milwaukee, WI.

I just received the samples I ordered from your company yesterday and tried the products this morning. What a wonderful way to start my day! It made my morning so much more enjoyable! The foundation and blush blend beautifully on my skin and feel so clean and light, almost as if I'm not wearing makeup. I will definitely be purchasing full- size products very soon! Thanks for the great work you are doing to provide healthy, safe cosmetics! Jessica N., Ft. Thomas, KY

"I just wanted to send you an email to say how incredibly impress[ed] I am with the quality of your makeup!!! I'm actually shocked, to be honest at the quality of your liners and the sample blush.
I've recently started to make the transition from commercial makeup brands to non-toxic makeup, and actually discovered you from www.cosmeticreviews.com
I ordered from a few different companies, samples from all of you because I wanted to test the quality. Your company has top marks in my opinion. I just can't believe how vibrant the liners you've made are. I've rarely even seen commercial liners in such great colors. The blush powder is exquisite.
Some of the other powders I've purchased as samples from the other companies, they are ok, but it's almost as if you can tell they are homemade remedies...the powder is just not as nice (too cornstarchy..if that is what they use).
Just wanted to say that you have me hooked! I will be buying a lot more! Thanks!" Jennifer W., British Columbia, Canada

"Very much looking forward to my second order from you. And just noticed you are reformulating things to be safer to the skin and planet, thank you so much for this. Improvements like this will keep me as a customer. I am a "green" makeup artist and am constantly on the lookout for better beauty products that fit my clients needs as well as my own." May Lindstrom, West Hollywood, CA

"Hi, I would like to commend & thank you for your proactive business model and your clean yet affordable products! I appreciate the programs you are participating in and the respect you show to your customers by making all the logos to these programs actual links so I can easily verify your claims. I also appreciate your less is more approach with the amount of ingredients used in your products as well as how clearly the ingredients are listed and how clearly the products are described. Cheers to you for a job well done! I hope that we will soon see the masses following in your footsteps." Melinda S., Phoenix AZ

Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it. I love the samples I received and can't wait to receive my next shipment. The products are great and I love the customer service! I'm looking forward to doing more business with you in the future. Mary G., New Prauge, MN

Zosimos, Thank you very much for using zig-zag paper shreds and not styrofoam peanuts as packing material!!! :-) Kathy B., Anchorage, AK

"Dear Linda, I'm so thrilled you have a peach lip pencil. I have not been able to find that color anywhere. I love it! Regards", Meredith M., Middletown, NJ

"I used the body butter on the eczema on my legs and it's almost cleared up in 3 days! The scales and redness are already gone. Works better and faster than anything else I've used whether made for eczema or not!" Erika M., Silver Spring, MD.

"My makeup is almost gone! Please hurry! Love your stuff!" Laura S., Weiser, ID

"I have been using your products and the foundation for the past three days, and my complexion is clearing up before my eyes! How can it be?! Is it possible that my skin is responding so quickly to the removal of the chemicals in my makeup and lotions? I wonder if I have been breaking out over all of this time because I have been allergic to one or many of the chemicals? Have you heard this from other customers, too? It's a miracle! I am soooo pleased, to say the least!" Vicki L., Dayton, OH

"Hi Linda, I just wanted to drop you and email to say thank you for all of your help with picking colors. All of the colors were beautiful, I had the hardest time picking an eye color. But I finally placed my order for my makeup and brushes. I cant wait to get it so i can finally be at peace with my makeup since it's so healthy and pure. Thank you again for all of your help." Megan M., Hillsborough, NJ.

"I think I finally found a foundation match! I am going with the Honeycomb- the Peachfuzz lipstick is wonderful. I tried out the new look and went to the grocery store and actually had men turning heads - now this has not happened in a long time so I have to give you the credit! :)" Laura H., Midlothian, VA.

"Linda, I'm not sure how you ventured into this business but I am so glad you did. I have always loved makeup and always seem to buy alot of it but then never wear it because I don't like makeup that just sits on your skin and can be seen. So I usually go back to wearing nothing, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your makeup, it is so natural and so beautiful and really enhances the face rather then taking it over and making it look different, over the weekend I cleaned out all my makeup bags and drawers and threw everything out because I am convinced that your makeup is all I will be needing! Your creativity is a gift!" Stacey N., Highland, NY.

Dear Linda, I want to thank you for the excellent service you do in providing wonderful natural products for women. I am so glad that you have provided a healthy alternative to the chemical laden ones that can so easily harm the body. I want to especially thank you for the shampoo and conditioner that you have created. Healthy shampoos and conditioners are the two things that I have really tried time and again searching for something that works for me. I finally found them in your products. Keep up the good work! Sincerely, Dr. Nancy C. Selvidge

I just wanted to let you know, I truly love your products so far. My first order was mostly samples, and as soon as I got them in the mail, I tried them, and loved them immediately, so I placed another order. My skin feels so healthy using your natural makeup. Your website was recommended to me by a friend and co-worker and I only wish I had learned about your products sooner! I cant wait to receive your products! Thank you, Sheila P., Milford, MA

I have used both Bare Minerals and Zosimos products, mainly foundation and face tints like blush, etc. I teach dance and when I exercise with makeup on my face breaks out when I am wearing Bare Minearls products, but not when I am wearing Zosimos. Thanks for your great line of products. Jessica A. Seattle, WA

I ordered the bronze eye shadow mineral powder and love it. I also got the branch eyeliner, which is a great color and lasts all day- thank you! Sarah W., Plymouth, MN

"Glad to hear that you're really busy! I've told several friends about your products and gave them your website. I love the fact that you sell samples. People love to try things before they "buy" them.
Also, the little lipsticks are adorable and the perfect size to toss in a small clutch. You know how tiny those bags are and almost nothing fits in them. All of the trial-size products are great for a weekend away...the shower jell, the body butter, etc. can all be tossed into a small bag. I didn't check your site, but you could add that as a marketing tool, if you don't already point that out.
I have a bag that I call my 'Girl-on-the-Go Bag" and it's always packed and on stand-by. When I was single, I never knew when my girlfriends and I would decide to head down to the shore, or go clubbing out of town, etc., so I kept an overnight bag stocked with make-up, lotions, shampoo, and other essentials. Now that I'm married, I don't use that bag as often, LOL, but it's still ready in case. :-) Anyway, best wishes to you and I hope your business continues to grow." Christine T., Wyomissing, PA.

"Wow Linda, Thanks so much! It's rare to find such amazing customer service these days. I'm sure you have plenty of repeat customers because of your outstanding customer service." Christine, Vineland, NJ

"Thanks so much for your quick reply and for impending replacements. Your customer service is the greatest." Jane C., Pasadena, MD

"I would really appreciate a rush on this order! I made the mistake of ordering a gift from [] - the products are terrible and the order was wrong. I am currently using your products and loving them. So I am ordering this as a gift and need by FRIDAY!!!! Thank you.
Thank you very much for giving my order priority. I cannot wait to give my mother her gift!" Stacy S., Queen Creek, AZ

"Greetings! Thank you so very much for creating such wonderful products! I recommended your products to my best friend and now we're both hooked!" Denise M., Newport Beach, CA.

"I discovered Zosimos Botanicals at the Environmental Working Group website. EWG evaluates cosmetic products on their safety/toxicity, and they rated Zosimos cosmetics as some of the safest/purest products on the market. Since taking chemotherapy several years ago, I have become one of those chemically sensitive types. I am especially sensitive to lipsticks and lip glosses. So I was delighted to find your website. I love the raspberry lip/cheek tint. It is a great color, stays on well, doesn't dry out or irritate my lips, and actually moisturizes. I also love the fact that I can order samples of products and try them out at minimum expense. I have recently ordered several of your other products, and I am looking forward to trying them as well. Thank you." Betty W., Pearland, TX.

"I just want everybody to try your great products, lip gloss samples are so cute I just love them :) now I know right color for a full size. Antioxidant face cream feels so good really love ingredients you use, so does my skin. Thank you so much for this big big smile on me!" Natalia M., Atizapan de Zaragoza, Mexico

"Loved my previous order especially the anti-oxident cream, I especially love that you have samples so that your customers do not have to buy the larger size, that tells me that you are very confident in your products. I have already turned one of my sisters to your products and I'm sure the rest will follow. Thanks for providing such wonderful safe natural products." Nancy C., Adelanto, CA.

"Hello Linda, Thanks so much for your clean products, and the information that you gave me today on the phone. It's certainly wonderful to have someone actually answer the phone and provide you with fantastic service. I am very anxious to use your products when they arrive." Linda F., Arroyo Grande, CA

Finally after over 30 years of trying lip balms, I have found one that does not cause an allergic reaction on my lips. I am overjoyed to say the least. I even called my mom and sister who live out of state to tell them about it! I literally have scares from years of trying to find something my skin does not react to. I had given up wearing lipstick, as well. I am thrilled with your unscented lip balm and your lip glosses! I really like the fact that the lip glosses are not goopy! My lips are no longer ictchy, red and pealing, they are just smiling now! Thanks for such great products. You have made a life long customer out of me! Rebecca S., Goodyear, AZ

"Linda, I love your Lemon Ginger shower gel and Peony lip gloss!!! I bought Zosimos products for the first time at this year's Celebrate Gaithersburg festival, and next year, I will make a beeline for your booth. Great products; I'm officially hooked!!!" Arlene J., Gaithersburg, MD

"I recently purchased some of your mineral eye shadows (mostly brown shades) and I just wanted to let you know that I love them, keep up the good work. I was encouraged by a comment you had made in your last newsletter that said you "ensure we provide the safest most healthful makeup to you possible." Thank you so much. Pamela J., Saskatchewan, Canada

"I cannot tell you what you have done for me! I suffer from psoriasis and I have been trying everything to get rid of these two patches on my arm - including medicated creams. I had a sample of your Repair Elixer Night Serum in the bathroom, and I thought: "You know, I'm going to put this stuff on my spots and see what happens. What have I got to lose?" Sure enough, yesterday morning, there was a large decrease in puffiness and size in the larger patch. And my smaller patch looked as if it was completely gone. I put some more on last night, and I am proud to say that it got rid of the patches! I am left with a scar from my large patch - as that's what happens, and it will go away - but that's it! I cannot believe this worked on my psoriasis. I am truly amazed and thrilled. Thank you so much!" Sarah M., North Liberty, IA.

"I got my package on Monday. So I've tried everything for a few days, and I am so pleased. I've tried natural deodorants before, but keep going back to antiperspirants. I knew the ultimate test would be riding my bike home from work on Tuesday, which was a pretty warm day. I stayed comfortable all day, and after the ride home, not only did I still smell like rosemary, etc., but I swear I wasn't sweaty--is that even possible?
It's just a deodorant, right? And the foundation is wonderful, it looks great and feels great--it's not drying at all like regular powders usually are." Jennifer J., St. Joseph, MI

"I just want you to know that I'm really impressed with your products and am especially delighted with the lip gloss sample that I purchased. Besides its colour, I really like its subtle sheen. And I'm so glad to know that there are 'safe' ingredients in all your products as I recently completed chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer. It was my internet research on 'safe' products that led me to Zosimos. And now it feels good to know that I don't need to worry about possible hazards from the make-up I'm wearing. I'll definitely be buying more in the future." Cathy B., Ontario, Canada.

"Hi, Just wanted to let you know how much I love the anti emollient cream, It has worked wonders for my cracked feet, I have had dry cracked feet for 30 years and nothing I used from a DR or over the counter would help. It would stay the same or get worst. The first night I used this wonderful product I felt a big difference , and in the morning my feet felt smooth and hydrated. With continued use my feet are healing and smooth, I no longer need to get a pedicure a week to keep my feet looking great, Linda thank you for making such a great clean product." Linda M., Litchfield Park, AZ

"I *love*love*love* your pomegranate acai lip balm!! It is *so* moisturizing!! I've pretty much slathered my lips in it as soon as I get up in the morning, as soon as it has worn off (it takes quite awhile! This stuff is good!!) and before I go to sleep at night. And I love the somewhat fruity scent from the extracts! As well as the faint bit of sweetness. I can't get enough of it!! And I can't express my love of it enough either!! Thanks for making such a great product!! By the way, everything else is wonderful too! The Anti-Oxidant Cream smells so good I'd like to eat it! (It smells like a yummy fresh cup of tea, in my opinion) I can't wait to get to try everything else. Thanks again for making such wonderful products!! =)" Cassidy T., Ascutney, VT.

"My cosmetics arrived today !!! They are even more than I ever imagined!!! I am delighted! Thank you for creating these exquisite, pure, excellent cosmetics. My fuschia lipstick and lipliner are so lovely. I never thought I could really wear fuschia well, but this color is perfect. I love it!! It reminds me of a lovely wild rose petal. It is so soft, but it is stunning. I am so thankful to have found this color. I have never seen any other fuschia lipstick that compares to this. I also am very happy with the bronze, natural brown and black eye liner pencils. I will use them as eyeliner and also for my eyebrows. The consistency and easy way they glide on is so perfect. Thank you." Marionlee G., Webster, NY

"By the way, I love your products. Primer is heavenly. I wish I discovered it earlier." Yuriko A., San Francisco, CA

"I just received my second order from Zosimos Botanicals. It will take me awhile to get stocked up, as I am replacing all my skin care, cosmetics, etc. with safe alternatives. I have been using Lemon Facial Cleansing Cream, Lemon Facial Scrub, Fresh Rose Toner, Anti-Element Emolient, Repair Elixir, Daily Anti-Oxidant Cream and I just tried the eye shadows today. I love ALL of your products and my skin has never felt so healthy! I have been using skin care products by a well-known company for 26 years and thought my skin felt good. I was SO wrong and now my skin is much healthier, to boot! I have been corresponding with Linda by e-mail and she is a wonderful person to "talk" with - so committed to excellent products and superior customer service. I wish her huge success with her business and personal life. I am a happy convert and plan to add to my collection as finances permit. I am almost 59 and I haven't been this excited about skin care in a LONG, LONG time! Great products - thanks so much!" - Sue G., Whitinsville MA

"I also wanted to let you know that I LOVE the raspberry lip gloss. I will be placing an order next week. I think I am going to order some for the Bridesmaids for our wedding." Alison M., Calgary, Canada

"I received my order today and I am so very happy with your products. Everything I tried is wonderful! The lip pencil, lipstick and gloss are the most beautiful rich colors. I look forward to my next order of full size items. Also, thank you for taking the time to explain the production process I found it very interesting. You are truly a blessing!" Carole W., University Place, WA.

"The products are great. I like the foundation because it's such a good match for my skin tone, which is sometimes difficult to find because my skin tone is quite fair. I also like the coverage as I have a few acne scars which I had found quite difficult to conceal!" Lindsey O, Glasgow, UK

"Thank you so much! I'm so excited!! So smart of you to have samples, it avoids so much waste." Vanessa C., NY, NY

"I got my shipment and I am so very impressed with your products. The facial cleanser and toner are perfect for my skin and I haven't been able to find a natural, gentle botanical toner that does not have alcohol. Very nice!!! The rose body butter is scrumptious, too. I also tried the blackberry eyeliner and it is beautiful. I have used Estee Lauder Origins makeup for years but am pushing away from mass produced, unhealthy cosmetics and consumer goods. So far I am ecstatic about finding Zosimos Botanicals! I will be ordering more of the Rose Toner this week, I am almost out of my little sample! Thank you!!!" Liz R., Buffalo NY

"I love your products! Your mineral foundation is the best I have found after trying countless others. I have extreme sensitive/prone to rosacea skin and your mineral foundation has been completely non-irritating and perfect for blending away imperfections and redness." Poppie M., Lyle, WA

"Thank you for your prompt service. The lipstick is beautiful & without all the bad chemicals. I received it today & will be telling others about your products." Pat G., Payson, AZ

"I'm enjoying your makeup! I really like the fact that I can get samples! Thanks" Rebecca W., Riverside, IL

"I met you at the Bethesda mother's day street fair and bought body butter (for my daughter) and the strawberry lip gloss for myself. I wanted to let you know we really enjoy the products and will be purchasing from you again. It is great to know that there is a local company that shares our values and produces great stuff." Louisa Q., Gaithersburg MD

"It was great talking to you, it's nice to meet people that are so committed to making a toxin free product and doing it in a green way. I think you offer a really valuable product and service." Kat, K., San Jose, CA.

"I love your products....The facial anti-oxidant cream is delicious and my skin feels so much better with it on than my usual cream....I love having the ability to try a sample before I consider buying a full size.....To me, that is one of the most unique, trust building components of your online product line........." Joan R., Redondo Beach, CA

"Finally I have found an eyeshadow which is not a powder. Thank you!! It looks great." Thea M., San Diego, CA.

"I've opened it now and it's all arrived safely and it smells divine. I am so bursting with excitement. YIPPEEEEEE! I was just running out of toner myself too! Thanks so much Linda, you're awesome!" Susan Y., Gisborne, New Zealand

"I really like this foundation. I tried the sample and loved it! My husband actually commented that my makeup looked good! WOW!" Daphne M., Atlanta, GA

"I want to rave a little more about the Hair Oil. My hair and my son's hasn't been this soft in a long time! I have to check your website... does it come in a larger size?" Kendra R., Rockville, MD.

"I first met the Owner and Formulator of Zosimos Botanicals at the 2007 Green Festival and immediately knew there was something special about her. After obtaining and trying some of her samples, I realized that her special personality extended to her products. Stating how wonderful her products are is, in all actuality, an understatement. As an African-American Woman, who only use natural/organic products, it's difficult to find make-up that rivals the consistency and color spectrum (for Women of Color) as conventional make-up products. However, with Zosimos Botanicals, my search is over! I am in love with her Peachfuzz, Redbud, and Burgundy lip glosses. The love doesn't stop there as I have now acquired her Maple blush, Cinnabar concealer, and Teal, Cobalt, Tigerlilly, and Lime Shimmer eye pencils. The combination of these products provides an easy transition from an everyday daytime look to full on nighttime glamour. What more can you want? Thanks so much Linda for your (green and cosmetic safe) commitments. Sincerely," Kira W., Washington, DC

"My makeup arrived today just like you said. Thanks. It meant a lot that you E-mailed me back right away. I have had some very negative experiences & your kind response was a great relief.
OK, now for the good stuff. I love everything. I spent some of today applying your makeup, cleansing, and applying more so I could try everything before I e-mailed you. I am so pleased. I actually love it all; the colors, the consistency, and it's safe! I'm very happy and will be back for more ASAP. It's all so pretty and wearable. Thanks for making such lovely & safe makeup." Jackie K., York. PA.

"I am completely in love with the new formulation of the Anti-Element Emollient. With the addition of tamanu and helichrysum that I asked for, plus a few other ingredients, the cream (I should say balm or butter) is softer and easier to work with. I can smell the nutty butter pecan scent of the tamanu mixed with the crisp sharp honey tea scent of helichrysum, complementing the sweet smooth orange berry scent of the sea buckthorn (ah, my trifecta). My hands haven't cracked once, or shown a single eczema flare, since I started slathering the stuff on them. My face, too, has completely cleared up. No more blemishes. I technically don't even need makeup at this point, but when I do wear foundation my skin looks flawless, and the Emollient makes a great base for makeup too. It's just a fantastic all-around skin balm." Joanna P., Gaithersburg, MD

"I received my sugar scrub yesterday, and used it this morning. Aaaah! For the first time in weeks, my skin is not dry. Thank you!" Lia M., Fairfax, VA.

"Just want to let you know that I love the heel balm. Also, the citrus [salt] scrub feels really good on bug bites (which is why I recently ordered some more)." Sharon P., South Orange, NJ.

"I have tried & love the manuka honey mask and lip glosses. Over the last year, I've been in the process of getting all dangerous chemicals out of my personal care products. Make-up has been the 'last frontier,' so I'm excited to complete the transition over to all safe and natural products. Thanks for your good work - I wish you much success in your business!" Kate Q., Alexandria, VA

"I have used several other mineral foundations, including Bare Minerals, and I like Zosimos the best. It looks the most natural and feels like soft baby skin. It never itches and does not settle into pores or wrinkles. It doesn't feel chalky and I use 3-4 coats applied with a Kabuki for the best coverage and SPF. I'm 53 and have rosacea and I can sleep with it on with no adverse effects on my skin! The blush is also the most natural I've used." Virginia W., Portland OR.

"[I]n truth, I use the [Lemon Facial] cleanser as an all-over body lotion (and face lotion) it is THE MOST luxurious moisturizer I've ever put on my skin! [M]y face skin often breaks out with moisturizers that are too oily and greasy. I have had no problems with this product and feel protected and smooth." Jessie N., Columbia, MD.

"I work with cardboard boxes all day. Before I started using Zosimos Botanical's Body Butter, my hands would crack and bruise a lot. Now they are more moist and don't have any cracks in them at all. Your products are healthy and they smell great . Keep Up the Good Work!!!" Len B., Scottsdale, AZ.

"I got the Mat Mate [Yoga Mat Spray] and it's great. It has a nice light scent out of the bottle and dissipates pretty quickly. I like it! You have a winner!" Anne F., Annandale, VA.

"Nicholas used your Cleanser today and he really liked it. It left his face smooth, fresh, and moisturized. He didn't even have to add moisturizer to his face." Jennifer G., Germantown, MD.

"Wow!!!!! I'm over here suffering from end of the year productions blues so I decided to refresh with the Sugar Scrub. 'Wow' is all I can say. You are truly talented. I'm even impressed by the packaging! I can't say that I'm inspired to go out and get 100 points, but I am looking forward to my next shower. (smiles). I am going to spread the word. I already told one girlfriend about you today. I'll be placing another order soon." Shaunia C., Washington, D.C.

"My daughter-in-law loves the Lip Gloss and Erin says the [Salt] Scrub works as well as the product we have been using from Elizabeth Arden (at 3X the cost)." Nona B., Falls Church, VA.

"I've got [Anti-Element Emollient] on today and rode my bike without a face mask. My face is still kind of hot from the wind, but it feels soft, not dry and cracking, and it doesn't feel chapped." Sandra R., Chevy Chase, MD.

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